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Heroes of Earth is a fiction community, meaning posts should be shorts or chapters of a story posted behind an lj-cut. You are encouraged to write with a means to an end, a commentary on comics conventions and genres today. If you wish to write on an iconic or favored character, you must make them into an analogue, as opposed to actually using a trademarked character. If you have an original creation you'd like to use, feel free. Overarching ideas and characters will be introduced that are available for other writers to use as they see fit. The more you write about a character, the more involved they become in the Analogue Universe.
Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 07:55 pm Meet Lin and Andy.
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Event One
Prelude: This Is the Beginning

The beat rang out; from the speakers, onto the trees, onto the ground, into the people’s ears.


A banner was hung between two trees, which read “Event One: Volume 47”. Event One was a weekly rave event, held every Friday in a sort of forest; far away enough from the city that people wouldn’t complain about noise nor that the event organizers would need a permit, yet close enough that people wouldn’t spend hours driving there.

There were few people yet... just the DJs, and the security and such. And Andy, who always came to these events early. He was sitting down next to one of the trees, as the sound check went on. He looked up, it was the late afternoon, and overcast. He was glad he had worn his hoodie, it was quite cold out here. He looked into the free bottle of water he had picked up earlier, thinking. Not about anything in particular.. just that kind of non-sense you think about whilst waiting. “Man... I like dogs.. they’re cute. Cat’s too. Though, I don’t like dogs.. you know, to eat. I rarely eat anything that I find cute. It just seems wrong to me.. to find something as cute AND appetizing. Just kind of seems like it’d be one thing or the other. Though, few things in life are black and white.. except those cool checkerboards... like I see at those ska shows.. I haven’t been to one lately.. mostly been going to raves. You know, who ever heard of a ska kid who’s also a raver at the same time... ugh, that’d suck. A ska and techno fusion.. or ska and hardcore techno.. happy skacore.. I don’t know, what about horns and jungle.. that might not be so bad... heh, horns sounds dirty.. dirty dirty dir-”

He was awoken by a girl with dark hair, except with two pink strips on each side. “You’re here early.”

Andy didn’t move. “I’m always here early. You know that.”

“I know,” she said as she knealed down in front of him. “But it’s a good conversation starter.”

“Nah. It isn’t.” He laughed. “It’s only a good conversation starter since you acknowledged it’s a good conversation starter, and because I am saying this very line describing how it’s a conversation starter and such..”

The girl blinked for a minute, making the fact that she had two different colored eyes accidentally obvious to Andy. “Right...”

“You get contacts or something? I never noticed that you had witch eyes..”

The girl shook his head. “I’ve always been like this. You’ve never noticed?” She paused for a minute. “Nevermind, you’re a guy. You never look at my eyes, you look at my br-”

Andy interrupted her. “Now Lin. That’s a rash stereotype. Might I remind you that 90% of the time we meet at raves, where I can barely see five feet in front of me, much less the color of your eyes?” He thought. “Though I must say,” he looked towards her chest, nodding. “They are quite nice.”

Lin sighed. “Oh shut up, you.” She hit him playfully on the arm, and almost fell over in doing so.

“And to think that was a compliment...” Andy rolled his eyes as he thought that. He looked up toward the overcast sky, as though he was implying what he was going to say next. “I love the overcast... don’t know why.”

Lin shook her head. “The overcast means it’s cold, and only getting colder, you know?”

“Nah, it goes beyond that. It’s something about the sky, and the air. You ever.. you know.. actually try and smell the air?”

She thought for a minute. “Yeah, I know what you mean.. that kind of scent. Can’t describe it.”

A quiet pause passed between them, even the speakers stopped playing. All was quiet for a minute, and then some sort of a breakbeat came through the speakers, some DJ was scratching as part of the soundcheck. One of the MCs started rhyming on and on, but neither Lin nor Andy noticed.

“That smell,” Andy thought out loud. “Means change.”

Lin looked around. She quietly whispered. “You’re right to notice my eyes have changed, I wasn’t born like this.”

Andy looked up, interested. “What do you mean?”

“When we last saw each other, a couple of days ago. You saw my eyes, right? There were both blue, right?”

Andy nodded. “And now...”

“Last night, I was looking in the mirror. One was still blue... one was green. And while I’m a not a doctor, I know that eye colors don’t suddenly change; not like this. Something strange is going on.”

“What makes you think that?” Andy asked.

“Just... I don’t know. Intuition.” She put her finger to her lips, thinking. “We live in the City, anyway. You know. THAT city. All that superhero bullshit.”

“Are you saying that the City leads us to be prone to strange things?”

“All I’m saying is that I heard from a friend of a friend that this same situation happened to her sister-in-law, and suddenly her sister-in-law gained metahuman powers, alright? And while I don’t have anything against going down that route, just... I don’t know. I kind of feel that being a metahuman kind of thrusts you into this idiotic hero/villian fight.”

“Nah, no it doesn’t. Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know... It’s just the impression that I get.”

Andy started humming the Mighty Mighty Bosstones song by the same name.

Lin laughed. “Not that impression that I get. But... I don’t know. Something’s wrong about this. I just know it.” Lin looked up into Andy’s eyes. Blink. Brown and brown. Andy blinked again. Brown and green.

Andy tilted his head to the side. “Something wrong?”

Lin pulled out a mirror with shaking hands. Andy looked into the mirror, back into his own heterochromic eyes.

“That ain’t good.”

The beat sped up from the speakers. Thump-thump-thump.


The doctor reread his notes, over and over again; rereading the mathematics he had written the night before. He didn’t look old.. in fact, he looked no older than Lin or Andy.

An australian shepard sat next to his desk, wagging its tail. The dog barked and puts his front legs on the doctor’s own legs, licking his arm. The doctor turned to him, and smiled. “Good Apollo,” he said while patting the dog’s head. “Now get off of me.” The dog obeyed, but looked up to him, still wagging its tail.

“Seven dimensions, maybe eight but I can’t prove anything higher than seven. And the first dimension isn’t really a dimension, it is nothing. Nothing, a point, a line, a plane, our world, Time, Metaspace. The null dimension, the zeroth dimension, the first dimension, the second, third, fourth, and fifth. Each higher dimension contains each realm lower than it. The first dimension holds the entirety of the zeroth dimension. But, this is irrelevant. All I’m really interested in are the third through fifth dimensions... if the fourth dimension is time, as it is commonly accepted, this means the fifth dimension carries every particular fourth dimension. If in every fourth dimension, a seperate third dimension, the Living Realm, exists... then. “ He scribbled something furiously onto another sheet of paper. “Then.. contact with other universes may be attainable. Metaspace contains every timeline, and every timeline contains every universe. Every universe contains every plane and every plane contains every point.” He looked to the dog. “This means...”


“Come on Lin, it probably means nothing. I’ve heard of people changing their eye colour before. Its normal. You’re just paranoid.” Andy said, though his thoughts were focused on the possibility that the statement was not true.

Lin sat on Andy’s car, outside of the forrest containing the rave. “Just. Where we live and all.”

Andy sat next to her. “And what if we do live in Astro City?”

Lin sighed. “I don’t _want_ to be a superhero. I mean, it’s fine and all when you’re a kid to want to be a superhero. But I’m in college and all. I want a career. I want my life. I don’t want to get in this silly concept of morality, good versus evil.” Lin rested her head on Andy’s sholder. “I want to have a life, I don’t want to serve law-abiding citizens.

Andy laughed. “And so what if we somehow become superheroes? I mean, I don’t know how that would happen. But so what? Power does _not_ imply responsibility, not in my eyes. When power can simply be thrust upon one without one’s input in the matter, then one may abdicate that responsibility.” Andy thought. “And they can probably abdicate the responsibility and keep the power at the same time, if one does it right.”

Lin fell silent. “Wait... what? That made no sense.”

“If power is thrust upon us, then we decide. Good, evil, neutral. Both, even. To serve the citizens or to serve ourselves. That’s all our decision. Power does not take this away.”

“Interesting,” Lin said, as she stood up. “And I always heard that the oppasite is true.”

“The state of ‘Superhero’ is a concious choice, not a compulsory obligation. Power does not make you a hero or a villian. Heroics and villiany do not require power.” Andy looked toward his feet, whilst he wore his checkered Vans. He thought, “And even if they do, I’ll make sure we’re an exception.”

(end story)

Now that (I assume) you've read the whole thing, I know there are a few superheroes that deal in time travel, so if I overlooked something and contradicted some part of the canon or something like that please tell me.

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Date:February 4th, 2006 04:53 am (UTC)
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Now I've got that Mighty Mighty Bosstones song stuck in my head. I hate that song. Thanks a lot. ;P

I am, however, digging this story. More soon? :)

Date:February 5th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)
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I like the direction yo'ure heading: two close people, having events change around them, being thrust into a world they may not want a part of, mixed with a scientist exploring dimensional science/physics. Interesting.

One thing: We can't use Astro City. It's just, the City. Not Gotham, not Metropolis, not Astro City. Just the City. You wanna talk about NY, LA, Detriot, etc. those are free reign.

Astro City is copyrighted.
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Date:February 17th, 2006 05:30 am (UTC)
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Interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how they live their lives with superpowers, and how the mad doctor figures into it.