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Heroes of Earth: Where Superheroics are Written by You

rehashing kurt busiek since december 2005

Heroes of Earth
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This community was founded to allow modern writers to create imaginative and thought-provoking fiction for the comic community at large to read and comment on. Posting access is limited to those that request, but requirements aren't very high. All that's asked is that you contribute your own work at least once, and comment on other people's work constructively in the future.

Here's how it works:

1) heroes_of_earth takes place largely in the Analogue Universe, where various notable comic book icons are present in different forms. Notables are Pinnacle (Superman), The Wraith (Batman), Will (Green Lantern/Spectre), Liberty Sentinel (Capt. America) and the Quantum Quartet (Fantastic Four).

2) Original characters you enjoy writing about are always welcome, but if you wish to write a story about any trademarked character, it must be altered into an analogue character for the purposes of this community.

3) Stories should be as fully-formed and introspective as possible. Push yourselves. This isn't just about the action of climactic battles. What about romance, fear, despair, hope, madness, pop culture, fame, selfishness, selflessness? All the aspects you wonder about in a modern superhero life. Don't feel limited to just the good guys either, you can right about anti-heroes and villains too. But think outside the box, and try new takes on old concepts. We're really reaching for the stuff of Watchmen, Astro City, and Common Grounds. Humorous, gritty, touching and even a bit realistic when it comes down to it.

4) The community will try and have a continuity, but you can easily place your own stories outside of it if you wish. Large events will be posted, say mass criminal outbreaks, alien invasions, whatever, and writers can post their commentary on such staple events. Make fun of them, interact, whatever you think SHOULD be written about. Make the old new again.

5) If you post regularly, your character(s) becomes an active part of the overall story, and it IS okay to write about other heroes (and villains) in the Analogue Universe, though if you're writing about someone else's creation, it's best to get their permission first.